We are a strategic branding and design agency that applies an innovative and meaningful approach to projects from ideation to execution. With particular expertise in lifestyle and entertainment, our agency masterly develops new brands and re-imagines established ones, bringing them relevancy within their space. Our 35 years of combined expertise provides us insight and fuels our ability to innately recognize what a brand needs, sometimes before it realizes it for itself.

Left Brain logic. Right brain creativity… That’s Clever.


We've built a leadership team with a combined 50+ years of experience in branding, marketing, strategy, and design (and a heck of a lot of personality).

Meet our Clever Folks!

Shannon Gabor

Shannon Gabor

CEO/Founder View Details
Jeff Giniewicz

Jeff Giniewicz

Associate Creative Director View Details
Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson

Director, Creative Services View Details
Shannon Gabor

Shannon Gabor


Shannon Gabor is Founder and CEO of Clever Creative. Driven with an entrepreneur spirit and an artistic vision she has spent 17 years in the creative business space and successfully worked and transformed over 50 global and entertainment properties with her award-winning design and brand strategy.

She has spent the last 10 years building Clever Creative with a team of designers, strategists and all-around thinkers who together challenge consumer insights and create brand solutions that bring relevancy with an innovative edge to the business model.

Leading the charge of fellow female business leaders, Shannon believes in creating a smart, productive creative playground that consistently inspires her team of thinkers. She also applies that spirit to the design community at large-whether it’s mentoring the next generation of creative thinkers through the Step Up Women’s Network or sitting on the AIGA Los Angeles Board of Directors.

In 2015, Shannon and team celebrate a decade of success at Clever and have approached this milestone by reinventing the agency model to match the pace in which brands are moving with the agility of todays business demands.

Jeff Giniewicz

Jeff Giniewicz

Associate Creative Director

As the Associate Creative Director at Clever Creative, Jeff brings 21 years of diverse strategic creative experience in branding, packaging, advertising and interactive design. Jeff made his creative debut on the east coast where he started his career as a designer and quickly established himself as a creative leader in both thought and trade. He now brings his creative leadership to this visionary agency in the Venice Beach-based arts community.

From designer to creative director, Jeff has collaborated with an array of brands such as Gillette, Timberland, Hennessy, Radio Disney, Aéropostal, Pioneer Electronics and Ben & Jerry’s. Alongside moving Clever forward with his unique leadership and thoughtful designs, Jeff also brings a varied skillset that includes photography, illustration, as well as mastery of creative software.

Jeff’s innovative leadership approach complements Clever CEO, Shannon Gabor’s tenacious and competitive energy – making them a formidable creative duo. He lives creatively, leads creatively and solves problems creatively – striving to produce effective and lasting solutions for brands and the powerful stories they live.

Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson

Director, Creative Services

Kristen serves as the Director, Creative Services at Clever Creative, a strategic branding and design agency that uses both left brain logic and right brain creativity in the work it creates for brands. Since joining Clever in 2006 as a Designer, Kristen quickly moved in to a Senior Designer role, and currently runs the Creative studio where her background allows her to run a seamless creative services department.

With a degree in design from FIDM, Kristen has worked with a variety of clients including Warner Bros., Mattel, Teach for America, DC Entertainment and Dermalogica.

As a former high school English teacher, she still engages her affinity for education with her passion for design by effectively managing, relating with, and growing alongside clients as she works with the creative team to provide top-notch solutions that are on-brand, on-trend and on-time.

She splits her time designing in the Adobe Creative Suite and managing checklists to keep the team streamlined and organized. Born in Nebraska and raised in Southern California, KJ found her creative, taco-loving heart settling in Los Angeles.


Clever Fun Facts

  • Number of Wacom pens
    Bella has broken: 1

  • Number of days Michael has gone without blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”: 2

  • Elise lost her
    best friend to: Lice

  • If Shannon had a superpower it would be:
    Meeting Justin Timberlake

  • Number of times Justin Timberlake is mentioned in our studio daily: 38

  • Snack that disappears most quickly from office kitchen: Birthday Cake Oreos

  • Snack that disappears least quickly from office kitchen: Low Sodium Trail Mix

  • Number of times the phrase Crazytown is used by Shannon weekly: 15

  • Number of cups of coffee on average are found on our desks every morning: 2

  • When Michael was a kid, he wanted to be: a dinosaur or a cage fighter

  • Number of times Jeff brought
    his lunch to work: 0

  • Michael’s favorite chill spot:

  • Number of languages of spoken in the office: 6 (including Pig Latin)

  • Number of days in a week
    KJ eats tacos for lunch: 4.5

  • Total Number of
    LA Natives at Clever: 1

  • The #1 Crime that one can possibly commit at Clever: leaving the sponge unsqueezed at the sink

  • Average number of floral arrangements in the office at any given time: 7

  • Daily range of temperature fluctuation in the loft: 25 degrees

  • Total number of seasonal-allergy-related sneezes per day: 34

  • Amount of food
    on Ian’s face: a lot

  • Total number of
    passport stamps at Clever: 151

  • Pots of coffee
    brewed per day: 3.4

  • Number of pamplemousse-flavored sparkling waters consumed daily: 9

  • Number of times the phrase
    ‘pop down’ is used daily: 3

  • Number of
    Non-iPhone’s in the office: 1

  • Number of
    PC’s in the office: 1

  • Number of Prius
    drivers at Clever: 3

  • Number of times in 2014 that Bella has talked about Bulldogs: 58

  • Superpower we
    wish existed: Pantone Vision

  • Agency Mascots:
    Grumpy Cat and a Unicorn

  • Number of singing telegrams
    delivered to Clever: 4

  • Average number of
    gchat messages sent daily: 200

  • We are 0.8 miles from putting our toes in the sand.

  • The amount of times people have
    tripped going up the stairs: 22

  • If we were all stranded on an island and
    it came down to it we would: eat Elise first.

  • Calories in 2 fun size Snickers bars: 160. Average calories burned in a day going up and down the stairs: 160. Coincidence? We think not.

  • We currently have about 50 Intelligentsia
    disposable cups in our kitchen, forming a pyramid.

  • We sing out loud and are proud!!!!!!!!
    (even if we don’t know the lyrics).

  • The word “dog” is exchanged between Bella and Kimmie about 20x a day.

  • We cleanse our aura/take yoga breaks upstairs.

  • Number of times Chromeo’s “Jealous” plays on a Friday afternoon in the Studio Team office: 2-4

  • Number of times Chromeo’s “Jealous” plays on a Friday afternoon in the Studio Team office: 2-4

  • Best laugh in the office: Bella

  • Number of giant cork boards in our war room: 4

  • All 4 of Clever’s office dogs are: boys

  • Average number of daily coffee runs: 3

  • Average temperature variance between downstairs and upstairs: 10 degrees

  • Number of pop culture magazines delivered to Clever monthly: 17

  • Favorite yoga pose for upstairs stretch breaks: prayer twist

  • Most popular Clever desk flower: pink daisies

  • Number of times per day that conversations are verbally hashtagged: 4

  • Michael’s Playlist: 90’s DIVAS

  • Michael’s favorite diet: Chicken, Rice and Peas

  • Number of pen clicks per day: 1,017

  • Elise’s best impression: Dinosaur high on sugar

  • Elise’s second best impression: Singing Snow White’s theme “I’m Wishing”

  • Michael’s workstation is decorated with: passport photos of himself and several toothless Jennifer Lawrence headshots

  • Kimmie snaps her fingers while listening to music on her headphones.

What We Do

True to our name, Clever Creative is a tight-knit agency of astute observers, savvy creatives and quick wits that believe in creating ‘smart art’. And true to our agency mark, our designs connect with both sides of the brain while making our clients and their brands look sharp.










Clever is as Clever DOES 

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Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

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